Calibrations and Shut Down Reports Various Clients

We were using paper copies of calibration reports for electronic Flow Meter (EFM) calibrations, compressor shutdowns, and site shut down checks. It was a challenging task to manage such large amounts of paper reports. These reports where not getting filled out to governed requirements, and if a calibrations report was requested, lost, or damaged, it was a timely task to track them down.

We wanted to find a solution to the amount of paper, as well as have the forms easily assessable. We needed a way to make a digitally smart form that was cloud-based. We wanted to set rules to the form that it would need to be filled out entirely before they would be able to be submitted to the cloud-based storage. That way, we would have access to it whenever it was needed, and we knew the forms would be filled out thoroughly before they were sent in.

We started a joint venture with a company called Muddy Boots based out of Calgary. At that point, they had already developed a software program, Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP). This software had all the other components that we needed to make our hopes a reality, except for EFM Calibration reporting and tracking.

Working alongside one another, we were able to build and implement an active smart calibration report. It met all the governed requirements and was cloud-based. This meant all reports would be filled out correctly and efficiently monitored. Also, it allowed us to be able to access, print, and share whenever they were requested just by logging into the system.